Her Submission

BDSM, D/s, Erotic Poetry, Erotica, Submission

The moonlight danced for her and when she spoke, the birds stopped to listen.

When the sunlight touched her, it turned to gold and whole oceans could rise if you whispered her name.

Her touch could ignite fires and a kiss from her lips could start wars.

If only she knew the power she possessed.

She could stop the world turning if she just raised her hand.

But instead, she knelt. Before him.

She bowed her head and held out her hands.

And he watched her, silently offer herself to him, body and soul.

He bound her wrists and led her; and she followed.

He recognised her surrender.

And he knew there was more power in that than all the sunlight, moonlight, birdsong, ocean, fire, and war in this world.

So he protected it. He nurtured it.

He owned her.

But she possessed him.

My Deviance…


I’ve always been a little deviant when it comes to relationships and attraction. And I don’t just mean in the sense that every girl loves a ‘bad boy’; I am only too familiar with that particular cliche, and while it’s essentially true for most of us throughout our youth, many of us grow out of it and eventually realise that what we really want is for the ‘bad boy’ to become a ‘good guy’, which ultimately means we’re looking to change someone to suit our needs, and that never works.

No…what I mean is, I’ve always been surprised by the social norms and laws of attraction. I never fell in love with Prince Charming when I watched Disney films. He was too wishy washy and squeaky clean for my liking. In fact, I can’t even say that I have ever been particularly fond of Disney films…(don’t shoot me!)

One of my earliest memories as a child (and when I became aware of boys) was watching the Labyrinth and being utterly disgusted by the ending. I genuinely didn’t understand, at the tender age of about seven, when I saw it, why Sarah didn’t want to stay and be the Goblin Queen. David Bowie wasn’t a villain, as such. I would have totally stayed…

My other odd fascination and deviant liking was for Hannibal Lectar…Yes, I realise how truly odd that is, but I can’t help it (and I’m aware that he was ACTUALLY a villain). My earliest sapiosexual experience was watching Silence of the Lambs for the first time and being so utterly captivated by this stunningly intelligent man, whose fixation on Clarice was obsessive, that I watched the film every day for about 3 months straight, and read all the books. This then lead to an Anthony Hopkins obsession, but I digress…

Intelligent, authoritative men are my weakness. Unfortunately, throughout cinema’s history, they are typically painted as the ‘bad guy’, and these qualities portrayed as ego and arrogance, with only a few exceptions to the rule. This not only misleads us deviants into wrongly assuming we love a ‘bad boy’, but also does an injustice to the wonderful, intelligent, authoritative men who do exist and who are gentlemen. The Alpha Male is notoriously ‘one to stay away from’. I call bullshit!

So, there really is no point to this inane rambling, just that I appreciate those men that ARE the ACTUAL definition of Alpha Male, and until Hollywood catches up with the rest of us, I will continue my deviant assault on cinema’s bad guys.

Oh, and going back to Disney films…I did kind of fancy Flynn Ryder…

A Poem About Submission

BDSM, Erotic Poetry, Erotica, Kink, Poems

Take me to that place
Where my mind is not my own
Where the colours are more vivid
And the music has more tone
Where my senses all evaporate
And all that’s left behind
Are the pictures that you choose to paint
On the walls inside my mind

Let me drift on placid waters
Let me hang on crescent moons
Let me wander in it endlessly
Don’t let it end too soon

Take me to that place
Where I do not need to think
Write your stories on my body
Let your touch become the ink
Take me far away from here
Let the world outside us cease
Let me take your pain and give you tears
Our bitter sweet release