He Touched Me

Erotic Poetry, Poems, Poetry

He touched me
Nowhere significant
His hand on top of mine
A simple gesture of attentiveness, a sign that he was listening.

He touched me
Nowhere significant
His arm around my shoulder
A subtle sign that he would protect me, that I was safe with him

He touched me
Nowhere significant
A hand on the small of my back
An esoteric mark of ownership, a reminder that he would guide me

He touched me
Nowhere significant
A hand brushing the side of my cheek
A symbol of his affection, a gesture of his adoration

So when he touched me
And it was significant
I already knew

Sweet Agony

BDSM, Erotic Poetry, Poems, Poetry

When you play with the line between pleasure and pain
The torture and ecstasy, again and again
My spirit is willing, my soul’s for the taking
My mind’s not my own, my body is shaking
Like ripples on water, you tease at your will
Make me rise like the tide as you take your fill
Complete me, consume me, then leave me to crave
Unnerving desire; your good little slave

The slap and the bite, the sting and the ache
The burning, the quenching; what music you make
With your touch, and your taste, and your words in my ear
Leave me wanting, and wanton, and euphoric with fear
In the juxtaposition, in the light and the dark
On my mind and my body, leave no question, leave your mark
The crescendo you weave is engraved on my soul
Take my all, take my everything, take me once, take me whole