At His Beck and Call (A little teaser….)

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Grabbing her firmly by the arm, he discretely marched her away from her friends and out into the brisk evening air. She was annoyed, but at the same time, the touch of his hand on her skin and the firmness of his grip send a tiny quiver of anticipation through her body. She tried to ignore it and maintain her frosty expression while she snatched her arm away from his grip.

“What?!” She barked. Jesus, he was arrogant.

He glared at her silently for a beat and took her arm again, walking further away from the bar and around an outbuilding at the back of the deserted car park. She could see he was angry. His jaw was clenched, his shoulders were tense, and his eyes were darker than she’d ever seen them. She knew not to argue or fight on this occasion, and the combination of curiosity at what he had to say and magnetism she felt towards him was intoxicating. She couldn’t walk away from this situation if she wanted to.

Coming to a stop in the darkest corner he could find, he spun her around to face the wall of the out building, grabbing both of her wrists and holding them above her head against the cold, damp bricks. He pinned her there with one hand as she attempted to free herself from his grasp without much luck, his grip was too strong. It was a second; a fraction of a second, and his free hand was reaching under her skirt, lifting the fitted fabric and grazing her thighs with the roughness of his hands. She tried to wriggle herself away from him, to shake him off with her hips, but he pressed his body against hers and held her tighter with the weight of his arm while his fingers slipped easily inside her knickers. She wriggled again, tried to move herself away from his touch; the touch she knew so well and had craved for so long. He anticipated her every move, his fingers finding her easily and beginning their almost forceful massage of her most sensitive area.

“Stop it!” She rasped, but she knew her body was already betraying her, succumbing to his expert touch. He leaned in close to her neck, his stubble brushing against her cheek as his hands continued to work down below, making her slick and ready, in spite of herself.

“If you want me to stop, Anna, just say,” he breathed. Even at a whisper his voice was firm, in control.

He was right, she knew if she said it he would stop, and even though her head was telling her to leave well alone and return to her friends inside, she still craved his touch like it was the oxygen she breathed.

“Stop it,” she attempted again, more breathless, less certain.

“Anna?” He dared her, he needed to hear her say it with certainty.

She couldn’t. As his fingers circled her swelling clit and her body gave in to him, her struggling became writhing; she moved against his body and gave in to her overwhelming hunger for him. Her nipples hardened inside her bra and, as he felt her submission, his grip loosened from her wrists, allowing his hand to slide along the length of her arm softly, before placing his fingers gently around her throat. It wasn’t a threat, it never was, she never felt in any danger with him. It was a simple and silent message, a symbol of ownership. His breathing was heavy next to her cheek as his own arousal became more difficult to hide.

“See, Anna,” he whispered as her body gave in to him completely and the waves of pleasure began to build and spread over her body. “You’re mine. You’ll always be mine.”

“You don’t want me,” she managed breathlessly, a slither of lucidity escaping her otherwise clouded mind.

“Oh, I want you. I just can’t have you.”

The admission of his own desire was enough to push her towards the brink. His fingers worked faster, pulling her into him with every upwards stroke. Her knees began to give way beneath her and his body mirrored hers, holding her up and taking the one thing he desired most; her ecstasy at his own hands.

“Come for me, Anna,” he whispered.

The Evolution of a Switch*….Probably….

BDSM, D/s, Erotic Humour

*In BDSM, a switch is someone who participates in BDSM activities sometimes as a top and other times as a bottom or (in the case of dominance and submission) sometimes as a dominant and other times as a submissive.

D – “I want a girl I can hurt, a girl that really likes the pain!”

s – “Cool! I love a little pain, lets do this.”

Tap, tap

s – “Is that all you’ve got? Dude…hit me harder!”

Tap, tap

s – “For fuck sake, hurt me!”

D – “I am, I’m trying.”

s – “Wait…these retraints feel kinda funny…is that…are they…plastic handcuffs?”

D – “I don’t have proper ones.”

s – “Well these aren’t gonna hold me, look…”


D – “You broke my fucking handcuffs!”

s – “They were hardly handcuffs. Now hit me properly. I’ll keep still.”


s – “Goddamnit…give me the crop…Like this”


D – “OUCH! Bitch! That fucking hurt!”

s – “Shut up and take it like a man.”


D – “Fucking hell! Stop…”

s – “Shut up, Pussy! Bend over.”



s – “You like that, Baby?”


D – “Holy fuck…I’m getting hard…do it again…”


Disclaimer – This is not an actual depiction of any events that happened ever…it’s just for the funnies… 😉

Happy Sunday!


So, today was supposed to be my day off…but then I came here, and you’re all such talented fuckers that I got a serious case of writer’s envy (it’s a thing).

This place is so full of inspiration and reading the wonderful, witty, filthy works of others always spurs me on to write.

Today you have inspired my next book (go you!) and I’m a bit bloody excited about it! I’ve made a start already.

Have you ever had an idea you’re so excited about that you can’t wait to get to the finish line? You can’t wait to see where this particular journey will take you and you literally want to disappear with your laptop and a coffee and shut out the world until the pages are full and your head is empty?

That’s me today…

The Submissive’s Lament (or An ode to the guys who hit on subs in bars)

BDSM, Erotic Poetry, Kink, Poems, Poetry, Sex

Oh Hunny….

Oh hunny, you want to play with me?
But I’m not like those other girls, you see.
My tastes are somewhat experimental,
I don’t like it soft, I don’t want it gentle.
I like it fast, I like it rough,
Oh, I see, you haven’t heard enough?
Yes, I know, I’m quite intriguing,
“A sub, you say?” But, that’s quite misleading.
See, you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey,
and you think you know how I like to play.
But that, my friend, is a work of fiction.
I like a Dom with some conviction.
Yeah, you can pin me down, you can spank my arse,
you can even make it hard and fast.
But can you make me want you?
Can you make me need you?
Can you make me crave and yearn to please you?
And with a single look, with a subtle tease,
can you have me begging on my knees?
Can you worship my body with all of your being
and give me the pain I’m so desperately needing?
No, you can’t. I know, life’s just not fair.
You want to play, but you’re a little scared.
Well, I don’t need scared; I need firm, I need strong.
I need everything everyone’s told you is wrong.
What’s that? I’m twisted? I’m fucked up? A slut?
I’m none of those things…Well, I’m all of them, but,
I’m a playground, and you’re just not equipped to play.
So, thanks for the drink, but I’ll be on my way.

Take A Walk

BDSM, Erotic Poetry, Kink, Poems, Poetry, Sex

Take a walk inside my mind before you wander round my body.

Earn my trust and know my strength if you intend to own me properly.

Let me know that I am wanted before I give myself completely.

When you touch me, make me feel it, make me want more, make me need it.

Take me gently before you hurt me; touch my soul then give me pain.

Restrain me just to free me, show me all the things I crave.

I will be a willing vessel; I will give you all that’s mine,

If I’m wanted. If I’m needed. If you’re there inside my mind.

A History Lesson…Pull up a chair…

Sex, Writing

I know what you’re thinking; who invented sex toys and why? Don’t be shy…I used to ask myself this very question all the time.

Well, I used to work for a very large and very well-known company that is in the business of selling sex toys and lingerie to women. So, because I’m such an ardent professional (and not at all because I’m mildly obsessed with sex and everything about it), I took it upon myself to find out as much as I could on the subject of sex toys…because, you know, professionalism.

You could be forgiven for assuming that the humble sex toy is a relatively recent invention, perhaps created within the last couple of centuries.

You might also think that at some point in history, someone (you would assume a woman, right?…For obvious reasons) thought, “Hey, I don’t need a man for his manhood, I can fabricate me some of that!” and they went about making an inanimate, phallic like object that could give them everything they could get from a man…and then later they added a function that could make the whole thing vibrate and they damn near ruined every woman’s idea of amazing penetration, and broke a fair few men’s egos, forever.

Well, for starters, we (as human beings) have seemingly been dirty perverts for a little bit longer than that…a whole lot longer, in fact. The earliest (thought to be) phallic device dates back around 30,000 years. Archaeologists are reluctant to write ‘Dildo’ in the history books, so instead these items are called ‘Batons’, and their use is still painted pretty vaguely, but according to one expert, the sizes, shapes, and ornate, explicit, symbolism speaks for itself.

Skip forward a little to Ancient Greece, and around 500BC our kinky ancestors were using what were called olisbokollikes, which is essentially a dildo-breadstick. Yup…food porn!

So, who decided to make these instruments of pleasure vibrate? By all accounts, it was our sexy Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, who is rumoured to have instructed a servant to fill a hollow gourd with bees…Buzz buzz.

And what of some of our other favourite sex toys? Jiggle Balls? Kegel Balls? Ben Wa Balls? Whatever you call them, we have Ancient Japan to thank for those! Presumably invented around 500AD, they were originally made of metal and used to rust from overuse….erm….

In case you were wondering where the word ‘Dildo’ came from, which of course, you were, the first recorded use of this now commonplace word came direct from the 16th poet, Mr. Thomas Nash, himself, who wrote a piece about a young boy in a brothel with a glass ‘Dildo’.

In 1734, the Tremoussoir was invented in France, and relied on a wind up mechanism. Why was this invented, you might ask? Probably not for the reasons one might assume…you see, Doctors didn’t believe, during this time, that the female orgasm was at all related to sex, and instead it was used as a treatment for a condition women suffered from…Hysteria.

Terrible condition really…just awful. The only cure was an orgasm that would restore the patient’s sanity. It became surprisingly popular (hmmm…) and when Doctors got tired of having to use their hands to achieve ‘hysterical paroxysm’ (an orgasm), which let’s face it, can be time consuming if you don’t really know what you’re doing, they brought in the professionals and devices like the Tremoussoir were quite common.

Fast forward a little to the 1880s and we can all thank Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville for his invention of ‘Granville’s Hammer’, an electronically powered device that was originally designed as a fancy massager for muscle tension. It didn’t take long for a few genius’ to realise it could be used for relieving all sorts of tension, and achieve in a much more timely fashion, ‘hysterical paroxysm’.

It took one hundred years for vibrators to become mainstream items, and another decade from that point for the most popular vibrator in the world to make its name, thanks to the girls of Sex and the City in 1998 for bringing ‘The Rabbit’ to everyone’s attention.

Women of the world certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Jaqueline Gold and HBO for that one!

But you see, we’ve been kinky since the dawn of time!

If I…


If I told you you could hurt me,

Would you take away my pain?

If I told you you I craved sunlight

Would you make sure I had rain?

If I told you you could tie me down

Would you free my mind and soul?

If I told you you could break me

Would you try to make me whole?

If I told you I was yours to keep

Would you share me with them all?

If I told you you could catch me

Would you make sure I could fall?

If I asked you to stand next to me

Would you put me on my knees?

If I told you I would kneel for you

Would you want to worship me?

Do you want to…?

BDSM, Erotic Poetry, Erotica, Kink, Poems, Poetry

Can you see me from up there?
Do you know what I’m about?
Do you want to bite the apple?
Do you want to call me out?
Do you want to bend and twist me?
Push me? Bind me? Break me? Then…
Do you want to put the pieces back together once again?
Do you think that you can offer me everything you know I need?
I’m down here, waiting, for you, Sir.
You’ll find me on my knees.