A Poem About Submission

BDSM, Erotic Poetry, Erotica, Kink, Poems

Take me to that place
Where my mind is not my own
Where the colours are more vivid
And the music has more tone
Where my senses all evaporate
And all that’s left behind
Are the pictures that you choose to paint
On the walls inside my mind

Let me drift on placid waters
Let me hang on crescent moons
Let me wander in it endlessly
Don’t let it end too soon

Take me to that place
Where I do not need to think
Write your stories on my body
Let your touch become the ink
Take me far away from here
Let the world outside us cease
Let me take your pain and give you tears
Our bitter sweet release

3 thoughts on “A Poem About Submission

  1. Reblogged this on Sierra Kummings and commented:
    Here’s a lovely poem I found today from the blog All That Good Stuff. Short, but powerful–at least to me. Submission calls to my being much in the same way, though I am by no means a true submissive. Still, the idea of it, seems to be embedded in almost each of my fantasies–my own little sexy secret.
    What secrets do you keep? Or are you one to live life outside of the realm of your imaginings?


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