An excerpt from At His Beck and Call

Erotic FIction, Erotica

Ok, so here is an excerpt from the first book in the Masters Series, At His Beck and Call (a teaser is available on Kindle right now!) The first time Anna and Nathan have sex. 

A little back story…After some, quite hands on, flirting in the office a few days earlier, Anna has been hiding from her boss, pretending to be at home with a migraine…Nathan has turned up, unannounced, at her home.

“Do all your employees get a personal visit when they are feeling a little under the weather?” For some reason she felt mildly cocky, knowing full well he could almost see her knickers and feeling she had the upper hand for a moment because he was in her home.

“No,” he said simply. “So, why weren’t you in today?”

“I had a migraine,” she said, noting the clipped-ness of his manner and mirroring it herself.

“Uhuh,” he nodded slowly. “I’m surprised you didn’t have one yesterday, you had a heavy weekend.”

He knew. He knew exactly why she hadn’t been in the office. But he wanted to hear it from her.

Well, she certainly wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of hearing her say he was the reason she had pulled a sicky.

“Heavy? Not really,” she attempted in her best ‘I have no idea what you might be referring to’ tone.

He said nothing, he just stared, searching her eyes for something that might give away whatever it was he was looking for.

“Was there anything else, Nathan?” She had him on the back foot and she knew it. His eyes darted to her incredibly short shirt and knickers combo and Anna’s stomach flipped wildly at such a subtle gesture.

“So, you’re not sick anymore?” He said in his low, ultra sexy tone. His eyes remained on the line of her shirt as he took a slow step forward.

“Nope,” she managed, a little edged by his movement, it felt once again, predatory.

“No migraine? No headache?” He stepped forward again. Now only a foot or so away from where she stood in her living room. She had the overwhelming sensation to step back from his advance, and yet she could not move.

“No,” she said quietly as he stepped forward again, now only inches from her; so close that she could smell his heavenly scent, making the hairs on her body stand and bristle.

He stepped forward once more, forcing her to take a step back and find herself against the cold wall. He was practically on top of her, she could almost taste his skin and the feel the material of his tshirt brush gently against the protruding hardness of her nipples.

His mouth moved to hers, taking her lips with a forceful kiss that almost had her knees giving way beneath her. His tongue invaded her mouth almost violently and within seconds his hand slid along the inside of her thigh, slipping beneath her shirt to the line of her thong. His fingers lingered on the delicate fabric, brushing her clit for only a second but sending shock waves of pleasure ripping through her already sensitive body.

He pushed slightly at her thigh and she willingly parted her legs enough for him to touch her more easily. As his fingers slipped easily into her already slick, wet folds; his kiss stopped briefly, open mouthed and waiting; savouring that sweet moment.

Anna gasped at his touch, at the feel of his fingers expertly toying with her from the inside. She had thought about those hands so many times before and wondered just how perfectly they would pleasure her, she was not disappointed.

Already the waves of her own climax were beginning to wake from deep within her. Stirring and pouring to the surface like a long awaited tidal wave. And then his hands were gone, moving swiftly to the buttons of her shirt and slipping the garment easily off her shoulders. He paused for a second and allowed his eyes to wonder over her nearly naked body.

Under normal circumstances, Anna would have felt incredibly vulnerable at that moment, being assessed so openly by critical eyes, but she didn’t. She felt admired, adored. Something in the way he looked at every curve and every line, took in every inch of her and appreciated it like a fine work of art. She had never felt so beautiful before in her entire life.

She barely noticed as he undone his own trousers and positioned himself, grasping his throbbing manhood with one hand while his other slid around to grab her backside and lift her leg so it wrapped perfectly around his torso.

And then it happened. As his huge, beautifully solid cock slid deep within her she felt every inch of him take over her body and mind. He filled her so perfectly it was like they were built for each other; as if their bodies were molded to fit together. She had never felt so consumed before, so utterly taken by a man that she was willing to give herself to him completely.

He moved slowly at first, savouring every second as she arched her back and gasped at every movement of his within her.

Their bodies rocked together in perfect synchronicity, driving himself into her over and over, deeper every time, and yet every thrust not deep enough to quell either of their desire. She never wanted it to end, the smooth glide of his thick cock inside her was euphoric. His hands grabbed her hips as he pulled her onto him, his head arched down towards her peaked nipple as he sucked gently, rhythmically with his own movements. She gripped his shirt at the waist, tugging at the fabric as she tried to pull him closer, deeper, harder.

The stirring awoke within her again, much faster and harder than before, from deep inside she felt her own body rising to its crescendo. With every thrust it grew stronger, heavier; she felt his body react to hers, his cock thickening, his breathing harsher. She knew he was close. She needed to feel him find his release, knowing it would be enough to push her over the edge.

Their movements became frantic, she pulled him in tighter, her leg gripping his waist desperately. A few more seconds was all she needed before her body exploded around him, and with it, he came hard and hungrily, guttural groans escaping his mouth, fingers digging into her hips, shuddering and shaking while she collapsed into him, just barely managing to stay on her feet.

They stood in silence for what seemed like an eternity, catching their breath and letting the final ebbs of their mutual ecstasy dissipate, bringing them gradually back to reality and the realisation of what had just happened.


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