So, a little about me…

Erotic FIction, Kink, Writing

Well, here I am. Starting my blogging journey in a bid to promote my writing and get myself ‘out there’.

If you fancy coming along for the ride, please follow my story and then, when I’m rich and famous (mwahaha), you can say, “I knew her when…” Just kidding (well, maybe).You should probably know a little about me, though, huh…?

I’m a wife and mother of two, soon to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday. I’ve been a professional Freelance Writer for over three years now, but have been an author and poet in my head since I was about five. In my day job, I write about fitness and nutrition, supplements, and clean eating; the rest of the time I write about filth, kink, sex, and ‘all that good stuff’ (see what I did there…).

I am a geek, I love films and old books, I am (slightly) obsessed with Oscar Wilde, I have tattoos, I grow my own vegetables, I also sing Opera (not even kidding, I really do…), I sing other stuff too, but yeah, I love Opera. I am opinionated, insecure, and somewhat misanthropic at times. I have amazing friends, I mean seriously, amazing! They keep my going and stop me losing my mind…and I am a ridiculous over-user of the ellipsis…

Part one of my new erotic fiction series, ‘At His Beck and Call’, is soon to be published on Amazon Kindle (a teaser preview is available to buy now).

So, there you have it; me. Happy reading!

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